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1 : Although Shakespeare is known to even every kid, but nobody in the world knows his exact and actual date of birth.

2 : Anne Hathaway (Shakespeare's wife) was three months pregnant when they got marriaged. Shakespeare was eight years younger than his wife.

3 : Many facts of his life are unknown and are referred to as Lost Years.

4 : His father was a money lender and was accused of lending money at the rate of 20% and 25%.

5 : William Arden was a relative of Shakespeare's mother and was executed for plotting against Queen Elizabeth 1.

6 : Shakespeare and his company built two Globe Theaters.

7 : Shakespeare never published any of his plays himself.

8 : Shakespeare and the famous Globe Actors were implicated in the Essex Rebellion of 1601.

9 : Many politicians and authors don't believe that Shakespeare himself wrote his plays.

10 : All of Shakespeare's family members were illetrate.