Hi all!

I have prepared several levels here that will test your knowledge in diffrent ways.

Also you will be tested in some ways of logical thinking and exploiting not so obvious security holes. Apart from those well known sql injection vulnerabilities I prepared some level where you wont be able just to put some sql commands. I hope this will be, at least for some of you, fun and you will enjoy all.

To come to the most important: on the right hand side you will see all challenges available. Choose just any you like, no need to start with level 1 since there is no access control.

Basically there are some rules of course. This is not to limit you, but to make sure most as possible people can enjoy. Please do not bruteforce any solutions, do not make them public and do not paste solutions on public paste services.

Even if there are already some levels im wondering if theres anybody out there that feels like contributing. if so, feel free to contact me.

see you in irc | irc.tasteless.eu #chall